Dream BIG

BIG God-sized Dreams

When someone knows their purpose, everything in life becomes clearer.

I taught career planning to college students. The class focused on finding one’s purpose in life. I watched students faces light up as I dared them to DREAM BIG. I told them, “God is a big God, He wants you to dream big!”

The Holy Spirit whispered to me, “Connie, I want you to dream big also.” This confused me. I ignored the whisper because I felt like I already “lived the dream.” I loved teaching and inspiring young adults to take steps toward their destiny.

What more could God give me?

(Spoiler alert: A lot)

This “whisper” did not go away. I sensed something was about to happen in my life but I had no idea what.

Fast forward several years. It is difficult to describe how much has changed. I see where God first asked me to open up to the possibility of change. He wanted me to trust Him and His plan. He had a plan for me all along (see Jeremiah 29:11).

And the best part? I love what I do now more than I loved teaching college. I did not know that was possible. But God knew.

I believe God quietly knocks on the doors of many people’s hearts. I am not the only one. He waits for us to open up, to dream a little bigger, and to have a life that is greater than what we could previously imagine (see Ephesians 3:20).

What does He whisper to you?

Do you sense that something is about to happen in your life?

Has God shown you a dream for your life?

Give Him a full and trusting “YES!”

Connie Tresedder is a Spirit-led coach, author, and teacher. She helps people rewire their brains for success and abundance. She also helps clients remove unseen barriers so they can be activated into what God has for them. Contact her for a free consultation at

One thought on “Dream BIG

  1. Good inspirational words…. encouraging me that GOD still has dreams to unfold for me😍😃💗even now in my very blessed life 🙌🏼🕊

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