Let me help you to live free as well!



1:1 mentoring to help you break free of strongholds and grow in as a Christian. Contact me.


Have you written a manuscript? Would you like it to become a book? Does it need professional editing? If so, contact me.

Bible Studies

See the Bible Studies page for available studies. All are appropriate for individual or groups.


I am an International Best Selling Author. Corrie TenBoom used a ghostwriter; you can, too. Contact me if you want to tell your story but do not know how.

Case Studies

Case Study John

As a young man, coming from a not so pleasant past and family life, I was bounced from foster home to foster home. I eventually ending up where I met BilliJo. I struggled with many issues. As my mentor, BilliJo helped me look at the world in a different light and change my mind set. She taught me to look toward the future and set goals for myself. Even afterwards she continued to be a part of my life; I know that, if needed, I could always come to her.

Case Study Vi

BilliJo came into my life during a very difficult and dark time. Through her influence, I started on a new life path that totally changed my life. I am still on that path today.


I liked the Prayer Dare! It kept me on task and I need to take time out to rest and feed my soul! Try it, I think you’ll agree, it makes you think!


Her Bible Studies are very rewarding for every one!


BilliJo is a shining testament to God’s love and goodness. I know; she’s prayed for me. She is an encouragement to anyone who crosses her path.


What stuck me about her was she doesn’t give up hope. Her upbeat, I-can-overcome-it attitude was much help to me. She was there for me when I went through my own personal tragedy.


Let’s build something great together.

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