BE YOU: How Working on My Self-worth Enabled Me to Forgive and Move On

See I Peter 5:7

Forgiveness is a prerequisite for a successful life. It opens the way for an unhindered relationship with God and connects you to the source of all wisdom and power.

For years I struggled to forgive when people hurt me. I spoke forgiveness but could not reach the deeper level in my heart. When a silly misunderstanding led to a blow-up with a dear friend, I decided to find the root cause of my struggle to forgive.

I felt misunderstood and destroyed. Her eventual request for forgiveness could not ease my pain.

I spoke forgiveness. But there was no peace in my heart and mind. My self-worth was shattered and the situation haunted me.

When Jesus hung on the cross (Luke 23:34), He asked the Father to forgive His tormentors. Jesus did not take their behavior personally. Jesus knew His worth and value. Nothing that happened to Him could shake His self-worth or devalue His identity.

Inspired by Jesus, I began to look at my self-worth and identity. God says I am unique and priceless (request BilliJo’s SMW on “Who I Am). He defines my worth and value. He created me in His image and likeness, I have been given the same worth and value as God Himself.

God defines who I am. People’s actions toward me are not relevant.

My friend’s behavior had nothing to do with me but with her and her issues. Nothing she did could change the way God saw me. I let go of negative feelings toward her and accepted her without judgment. I realized both of us were dependent on the grace and forgiveness of God. Only then could I forgive her from the heart.

I no longer felt worthless or depressed. My heart was full of peace, joy, and right-standing with God.

Dr. Marianne Herr is a Transformation Coach, a Public Speaker, a Workshop Leader, an Anthropologist, and an RN with work experiences in Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Marianne is Swiss and currently lives with her husband and sons in Germany. She can be contacted via Email: or Webpage: and on LinkedIn: Marianne Dr. Herr, Transformation Coach

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