The Sower and the Seed

A different understanding of Mark 4:3-9, the parable of the sower and the seed. For about forty-five years, I have looked at this parable as referring to the unbeliever. But. Let’s look at it from the perspective of the church. The frequently walked route (path) is religious tradition. The soil (heart) becomes hardened. Seeds (ofContinue reading “The Sower and the Seed”

Rendezvous Review

BilliJo Doll knows how to keep my interest level up from the beginning until the end! The characters are interesting and realistic. They fill their daily lives with survival techniques, emotional and spiritual conflicts, and unexpected twists. As usual, I can’t wait to read the next book in the series! Definitely a magnificent series! A.M.Continue reading “Rendezvous Review”

Rendezvous Coming Soon

Rendezvous is the second book in the new Peter Jones survival series. The series began with Hostilities, an introduction to Peter, his family group, and the difficulties of blending the family with the refugee boys. Rendezvous continues the story of the difficult interpersonal relationships between the boys as they travel to and attend a rendezvous.Continue reading “Rendezvous Coming Soon”

Hostilities, the book

Now available! Now published! I’ve had so much fun writing this series. Hostilities is the first book in the Peter Jones survival series. All eight novels published throughout 2022. Watch for them! Here are the first five reviews for Hostilities: If you love to read, get ready for a magnificent series of books by BilliJoContinue reading “Hostilities, the book”

Best Selling Authors International

It honors me to be recognized by Best Selling Authors International. To become an international bestselling author, I collaborated with over 100 authors on a project, Creating Your Legacy. It made #1 in New Releases in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Other books of mine also made the Amazon Best Seller list. My eMpTyContinue reading “Best Selling Authors International”


With whom do you resonate? This was supposed to post on December 20, 2021 but did not. Godly: REBEKAH: Willing to work hard, willing to leave comfort (home) to follow God’s Will. (Genesis 24) RACHEL: Willing to wait for a husband; her sons follow God. (Genesis 30-35) JOCHEBED: Stand up against tyranny, infanticide, protect child(ren).Continue reading “WOMEN OF THE BIBLE”