Bible Studies

Discipleship Bible Studies

Ephesians 101. A 7-week discipleship class via small group or in the private Discipleship Facebook group. Each day has a new reading schedule to study (I know there are only 6 chapters; week 7 is a review of the book). Cost $9.99

Epistles of John. A 7-week walk through the three epistles of John. This study can be done in a small group or as a part of my Facebook private group Discipleship. Each week, you get a new reading guide for daily time in the Word. Cost $9.99

Peter discipleship. Under development.

Growing up with Phil. Under development.

Attitudes of Prayer Bible Study. This is a photo/video bible study exercise based in a private Facebook group. Each Unit has about 10 scriptures to choose from. Choose one. Meditate on it. Post a photo or video that speaks to you of the verse you chose. The interactions will be in photos and videos of the Attitudes of Prayer. Cost: $4.99

Prayer Dare: a private Facebook group with 5-days (or weeks) to become more effective in your prayer life. There are e-books, handouts, worksheets, videos, plus gifts and prizes. Two guest speakers share insight. Cost is $19.99

Soul Journey. It is an introspective writing journey. Soul Journey is not a bible study (although I do use scripture). It is a time of self-examination. You may find things that may have hindered your walk with God. You will get rid of inner clutter. Furthermore, you will dig deep into your center. Not only that, but you may learn things about yourself that you did not know before. I can guarantee that you will have breakthroughs in your relationship with God. Costs: just the book, $9.99; the book with 1:1 coaching $499.00

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