Enemy – Neighbor


Grace is how to look into the eyes of an enemy and treat them like a neighbor.

Grace has no criteria; it is unconditional. Grace is a gift granted to the most undeserving, unlovable, despicable, nasty person – such as the rapist, murderer, molester, liar, thief, hostile bully, back-stabber.

An example of grace is owing a loan shark a million dollars with the debt now due. The thugs knock on your door for payment. You do not have the money. They will require you to pay with your life. You stare at the door, knowing that death is on the other side. You tremble in fear. The door opens… a thug says. “Someone has paid your debt in full.”

The relief of forgiveness for this indebtedness is indescribable.

When you give grace to another, you share your indescribable experience of forgiven debt with them. You no longer see people as enemies or as someone who has wronged you. You see them through God’s eyes. You see their indebtedness. You see their hopelessness.

It is difficult to give grace to someone who has hurt you deeply and/or repeatedly. Often humanly impossible. But God. God gives us grace, and He gives us the ability to give grace/forgiveness to others. Help is available if you struggle to forgive. Contact me.

May the God of All Grace be magnified as surely as he is glorified!

Adapted from the online audio course “Wake Up Warrior” by Ambassador Les D Allen Sr. For a free download of part 1 of Wake Up Warrior visit www.ambassadorsway.com You can also email Les at Iamlesallen@gmail.com or Les@ambassadorsway.com

One thought on “Enemy – Neighbor

  1. What a timely reminder! With so much evil surrounding us, on all sides it seems, we must keep the heart of Christ! HIS GRACE is sufficient for us and for us to pour it onto others, too.


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