5/20 Blog

Until May 20th, enjoy reading the interview on Angelika’s Reading Nook.



But hold your hope firmly to the end and you will experience life and deliverance. Matthew 24:13 TPT Sometimes I wonder why challenges I face do not seem to change. I do my best. I pray. Others pray with and for me. But few circumstances shift. What I have learned is that I have toContinue reading “Outlast”


With whom do you resonate? This was supposed to post on December 20, 2021 but did not. Godly: REBEKAH: Willing to work hard, willing to leave comfort (home) to follow God’s Will. (Genesis 24) RACHEL: Willing to wait for a husband; her sons follow God. (Genesis 30-35) JOCHEBED: Stand up against tyranny, infanticide, protect child(ren).Continue reading “WOMEN OF THE BIBLE”

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