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Until May 20th, enjoy reading the interview on Angelika’s Reading Nook.


Word Prayers

Do you want to pray powerful prayers? Pray the Word. Praying the scriptures builds your faith. So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17) There are many testimonies of people who were healed by praying scriptures on healing. Praying scriptures renews your mind and helps with memorization. How doContinue reading “Word Prayers”

True Freedom

It is a mark of maturity when a person learns that true freedom involves accepting responsibility. Israel’s exodus experience taught them (and us, if we let it) that their relationship with God lay in fulfilling three important responsibilities: Follow God (Exodus 13:17-22) Trust God (Exodus 14:1-31) Praise God. (Exodus 15:12-21) George Morrison (1866-1928) said, ‘ItContinue reading “True Freedom”


Supplies are scarce. Their only hope is cached foodstuff many miles to the north. Peter Jones’ additional responsibilities are astronomical. As the new head of the family group, keeping his family fed and safe seems almost impossible. The contentious newcomer hides behind her tough exterior. He tries to understand her fears. With food already scarceContinue reading “Autumn”

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