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Cabin fever and irritation plague the farmstead-bound survivors as winter wanes. Will this be the end of their friendships or their lives? Peter Jones forgets his eighteenth birthday in the chaos. He’s so focused on taking care of his community that he doesn’t think about himself. Secretly, he counts the days until his house guestsContinue reading “Celebration!”

The Sower and the Seed

A different understanding of Mark 4:3-9, the parable of the sower and the seed. For about forty-five years, I have looked at this parable as referring to the unbeliever. But. Let’s look at it from the perspective of the church. The frequently walked route (path) is religious tradition. The soil (heart) becomes hardened. Seeds (ofContinue reading “The Sower and the Seed”


Mountain lions and wolves attack. Can a young man keep his family and livestock alive when death is at the door? Peter Jones’ health deteriorates after the lion attack. Despite his agony, the courageous guy pushes past pain to care for the others. His is not the only life that hangs in the balance. TerrifiedContinue reading “Predators”

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