Joy Strengthened

…the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

We become weak when we do not walk in God’s joy!
But. states that 20% of adults are depressed. The website defines depression as having a depressive disorder as determined by a medical professional. One in five adults, according to the CDC. How many more do the medical professionals miss? Could the stats be as high as four point nine in five?
Joy does not seem to be abundant anywhere.
Our remedy for lack of joy, expressed as melancholy, does not come in a bottle of pills. The medical community has failed miserably (pun intended) in dealing with rampant despair.
The adult world is full of stress through problematic issues and relationships. This wears on us, resulting in persistent gloominess.
Carlos Santana sings, “If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.” True healing of dispiritedness is found in the Word of God, carried out by our actions.
I was diagnosed as clinically depressed. Yet, no chemical cocktail of meds ever helped. I was allergic to nearly every prescription tried.
So how did I overcome chronic blues, turn on joy, and get strengthened to handle life’s depressing stressors?
There are no new ideas or revelations. It takes determination to destroy depression. We need actions to change brain pathways from hopelessness to hopefulness.
Well-known activities, such as forgiveness, breaking strongholds, fresh air, prayer (lots of gratitude and thankfulness with praise), exercise, laughter, perseverance, and encouraging friends are all necessary. Do the work.
The Scripture Meditation Walk (SMW) series I put together, 21-days of daily scripture to focus on, will help. Let me know if you would like a list of the free (20) topics available.

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