Get Up & Get Dressed

Oh Lord Jesus, help me dress this morning.

Enemies against me can strike without warning

I will start with my helmet to protect my mind

that devil can sneak in at any ol’ time

the Breastplate of Righteousness to place over my chest,

guarding heart and emotions from unwanted guests

the Shield of Faith stops temptations and darts

I rebuke you Satan, don’t even start

I am not fully clothed without the Sword of the Spirit

you can send me those lies, I will slice right through it

The Belt of Truth around my waist

protecting my will from things of distaste

the Holy Bible, I will need that, too.

when I get tempted, I will read your truth

and last but not least, I’ll put on my Shoes

Then I will be ready to spread the Good News.

Lorrie Stewart 2-1-23

Lorrie Stewart is a military veteran, truck driver, and follower of Jesus. After years of addiction, she found freedom in Christ Jesus.

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