My eMpTy Life

Available now.

Originally published in 2018, this is a rewritten/revised edition to bring it into the Western Heritage series.

In a generation molded by the Great Depression, can an independent young woman overcome her trials?

As a young teen, Opal dreamed of raising vegetables. Instead, she inherits a pig farm and rolls up her sleeves, deciding to make the best of the circumstances. When the repercussions of WWII threaten to break her, she must rely on her grit and determination to save her farm in northeastern Montana.

Her strong-willed personality causes difficulties in relationships, especially in her marriage. Determination gives her resolve and ambition. But in an era that insists on passively submissive females, it causes problems.

Can she live happily on the empty prairie without sacrificing her true self?

If you like nuanced characters, cherished memories, and delightful reminders about honor and forgiveness, then you’ll love BilliJo’s heartfelt story of relationships and joy.

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