Caught by Surprise

If Jesus returned at this moment, would He find us ready and watching, or would He catch us off guard, preoccupied with our daily schedule? Author, F. D. Adkins, reflects on the importance of being prepared for the return of our Savior.

It was an ordinary Saturday in March. As I pulled up the drive to the construction site of our new home, I saw my husband on the ladder by the garage. Getting out of the car, I loaded my hands with a biscuit for my husband, two cups of coffee, and bottled water. Turning toward the house, I took a step and stopped dead in my tracks. Caught off guard, I froze, afraid I would scare it away. A white turkey walked out of the woods. I wanted to take pictures because when would I ever see a white turkey again? Slowly, I lowered the contents of my hands on the ground. Gripping my phone, I snapped photos and watched in disbelief as this white turkey strutted right up to the ladder, as intrigued by my husband working as I was with the turkey.

Later that day, still in awe of that a white turkey, I thought abut the spiritual significance. Had I expected a white turkey, I would not have had my hands full. I would have had my camera ready. I thought about the return of our Savior. “Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not” (Luke 12:40 KJV.) It is easy to get caught up in daily routines. But friends, Jesus is coming, and we need to be ready. Let’s not get caught with full hands of worldly things.

F. D. Adkins is the author of the Christian Suspense Thriller novels, TRUTH IN THE NAME and TRUTH IN THE WORD. She has also had freelance articles published in Focus On The Family magazine and Faith On Every Corner magazine. Find out more at and check out her novels on Amazon

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