Life’s eND

Coming February 14, 2023

She plans to live her life quietly close to her family. When she’s forced to wed a stranger twenty years her senior, she feels as if it’s the end of her life.

Elle thinks she is ready for adulthood. Although, like most sixteen-year-olds in 1875, she does not know what to expect. To make matters worse, her betrothed plans to take her away from her family in Norway to homestead somewhere in the Dakota Territory in the United States.

Bewildered at leaving everything and everyone she’s ever known, her future is a muddle. Can she make the best of her circumstances to find joy and contentment on the prairie?

If you enjoy stories of cherished memories and coming-of-age characters, then you’ll love BilliJo’s story of one woman’s emigration from the Old Country.

With the success of My eMpTy Life, 1st edition, I decided to write a series about the courageous women whose roots I connected to immigration into the United States. The eND is the first book in the series. All four of the books planned for publication in 2023. Life’s eND, My eMpTy Life (revision), Life’s WhY, and My IDeal Life.

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