Add Praise

Lift up a great shout of joy to the Lord! Psalm 100:1a

I would like to add joy to your day!

Joy stems from a grateful heart. The Old Testament has several examples of battles won because of praise. Think of Paul and Silas in jail praising, thanking, and glorifying God. No matter the circumstances praise God, cultivate gratitude, say YAY!

That’s what today’s blog is all about – three ways to add praise and gratitude to your day and thereby, adding joy!

Whatever time you set aside for prayer, set a timer for half of it to just thank and praise God. If you find it difficult to thank and praise God for an extended period of time, here are three ideas:

  1. Sing along with worship music (YouTube has a lot of choices)
  2. Read/memorize/recite selected praise psalms (such as 100-109, 144-150)
  3. Write a gratitude list every day and read it out loud.

Do you spend half your prayer time in praise, glorifying God, like Jesus did (see John 17)?

I challenge you to spend half your prayer time in thanksgiving and praise.

When I added praise to my day, it amazed me how much more at peace I felt. There is something about gratitude that lifts the gloom and pressures of life. It is a natural antidepressant!

If you want to be happy, add praise!

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