Publish date October 11, 2022

Mountain lions and wolves attack. Can a young man keep his family and livestock alive when death is at the door?

Peter Jones’ health deteriorates after the lion attack. Despite his agony, the courageous guy pushes past pain to care for the others. His is not the only life that hangs in the balance.

Terrified of failing, he considers putting someone else in charge while he heals. But with wolves attacking livestock and a freak snowstorm swallowing two of his brothers, he refuses to sit on the sidelines. He vows to rescue his brothers—even if it costs him his life.

Can Peter survive this latest trial, or will he succumb to the elements?

Get BilliJo Doll’s Predators, the 7th in the Peter Jones survival series, to learn the fate of Peter and others living on the farmstead.

One thought on “Predators

  1. Hi Billi Jo hope you are doing awesome I have a question for you I have a friend who has passed away and while he was living someone documented this trip he made actually the guy went with him but they are both dead now and the book is complete but it has not been published What does my friend need to do to get it published? And how much does that cost do you know she is thinking that she needs to contact the families related to the guy that wrote the book and get their permission first before anything happens and I think that is probably the first step but I’m wondering if you know any more steps and what the cost might be 

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