The fervent prayers of the righteous… James 5:16

Years of fervent prayers made history on June 24, 2022.

To God be the glory!

At Foundation House Ministries, we rejoice in the overturn of Roe vs Wade. Our ministry is to walk with each mother, trapped in a crises lifestyle, on her journey toward faith, wholeness, and lasting stability.

The overturn of Roe vs Wade is the birthing of a new harvest season. We hope the church body models the Father’s love, regardless of the situation, circumstance, or individual. The lost, broken, and hurting do not respond to a voice of condemnation and chastisement.

Here at Foundation House Ministries, there is commitment and obedience to the word of the Lord. Our prayer is for all believers to acknowledge that the overturn into harvest season has only just begun. The work continues and may intensify. From fostering and adopting to supporting financially, we continue to impact our communities and support pregnant families.

The Father has equipped us for this harvest. What we do from here is the responsibility of all the church. We must show compassion to the mothers; they have just as much of a purpose to live life as does their baby. We must give compassion to the baby’s fathers; they have a Father who can teach them their role as daddy.

This generation can be the first to no longer suffer from father wounds.

Bio: Ashley Neer is a married mother of three. A former addict and client of Foundation House, she now serves the Lord boldly and compassionately in this ministry. https://foundationhouseministries.org

One thought on “Overturned

  1. Hi there BilliJo 🌸 This is so interesting!I used to volunteer and be involved in Florida at SOLVE HOME – the very same ministry as Foundation House Ministries! 

    How did you hear of them?? By the way, how are you doing? Feeling?Any heart check up reports  yet?  Standing in prayer and agreeing with GOD’s Word for your wholeness and total good health, in Jesus name!  💜Donna  Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


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