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They need winter supplies. He risks a trip despite the threat of prowling raiders.

Peter Jones knows he must provide for his family group. The courageous young man rides forth no matter the personal cost. But when he’s injured, he cannot continue the excursion to the hidden caches.

Then raiders arrive at their hideout while Peter is incapacitated. Faced with the impossible, he’ll do anything to save his friends. It’s a difficult decision to trust the lone, hostile stranger who attacked him. Yet in Peter’s condition, he’s unsure if he has another choice.

Can Peter get them back to the farmstead safely or will the raiders overtake them?

The autumn trek continues in the 5th book in the Peter Jones survival series. If you like an adventure with threats of treachery, fights against the odds, and forming relationships around tight priorities, you will love this book. Publication date is July 12, 2022.

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