Rendezvous Review


BilliJo Doll knows how to keep my interest level up from the beginning until the end! The characters are interesting and realistic. They fill their daily lives with survival techniques, emotional and spiritual conflicts, and unexpected twists. As usual, I can’t wait to read the next book in the series! Definitely a magnificent series! A.M.

I loved this book. A real page turner! I loved following Peter on this journey with his family! Well written with wonderful characters and tons of fascinating adventure! M.B.

Read this book in two settings! So easy to read and interesting as we not only watch Peter and his family survive but learn about survival and, more importantly, the values of family and love. D.G.

A great continuation of the first book, but also a book you can read without having read the first one in the series. It touches the heartstrings in so many ways. Highly recommend. M.M.

A great read following the previous book. Lots of interesting details really take you into the characters’ lives. S.O.

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