Rendezvous Coming Soon

Book cover

Rendezvous is the second book in the new Peter Jones survival series.

The series began with Hostilities, an introduction to Peter, his family group, and the difficulties of blending the family with the refugee boys.

Rendezvous continues the story of the difficult interpersonal relationships between the boys as they travel to and attend a rendezvous.

Here is the book description for Rendezvous:

If he can’t convince the refugee boys to live in harmony, they’ll die.

Peter Jones wants to save his family group. Failing to get the refugees to quit fighting, they go to the rendezvous where he hopes they will finally bond as a group. But he has other issues to deal with as well.

As Peter flounders to adjust to the new messed-up world without crucial supplies, he’s not sure if he can be the leader his family group needs. And even though the war has ended, he fears one mistake will result in their demise.

Can Peter forge an unbreakable family unit before they succumb to anarchy?

Enjoy my story about the importance of relationships.

Portions of this book were previously published under the title The Overcomers in 2010

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