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Hostilities is an adventurous sci-fi post-apocalyptic novel in the Peter Jones survival series.

Wayyy back in 2001, I started writing a series of stories about Peter and his family. Now, on the 20+ anniversary of the beginning, I have rewritten the stories. Initially, a traditional publishing company published three of four of the original series. I included portions of this book in the original series. There are now eight books in the series. Expect one a month to six-weeks throughout 2022.

Hostilities ebook is available for pre-order now. The publication date is February 15, 2022. ‘Pre-order’ means you order the book now and Amazon zooms a copy to you as soon as it’s published.

Here is the description for Hostilities. Doesn’t it just make you want to read it?

How can a seventeen-year-old cope when war devastates society?

Peter Jones couldn’t believe they lived on a farmstead. His foster mother moved him and his brother from their comfortable home to live isolated in the country. He secretly loathed the decrepit house with its wood-burning cookstove. Then the bombs came and ruined his life.

EMPs exploded during a winter cold snap. Unlike most of the country, Peter’s family survived. Protected on the farmstead during the cataclysmic events, they now have to adjust to the repercussions. To make matters worse, his family adds four unruly refugee boys to their household.

Peter struggles to adapt to their new chaotic reality of life without electricity. He’s determined to become a family group leader. He tries to help them adapt to no goods and services. The refugee boys’ fights and bloody noses are daily events. Family dynamics are Peter’s greatest distraction. He must learn how they can work together for continued survival.

Will Peter learn the needed skills before they starve?

Get Hostilities today to discover how love is more powerful than war.

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