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It honors me to be recognized by Best Selling Authors International. To become an international bestselling author, I collaborated with over 100 authors on a project, Creating Your Legacy. It made #1 in New Releases in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Other books of mine also made the Amazon Best Seller list. My eMpTy Life got to the #5 position in Historical Fiction. Mara’s Murder made the #2 position in Christian Mystery and Suspense. Murder in Melaque was in the top 100 of International Crime and Mystery.

I am deeply touched and blessed by every time someone buys (or reads on Kindle Unlimited) any of my books. I appreciate every review posted.

Posted reviews are so important in Amazon algorithms. I encourage you to post a review of every book you buy/read.

Writing is not an easy vocation. For most, it’s an avocation.

So why do it?

It’s a calling that I cannot explain. It’s been twenty years since I started; almost eighteen years since a traditional publisher offered me my first book contract. I love the stories, the research, the characters.

It is better than watching television.

And I hope to encourage and influence my readers. I want to touch their hearts. Through my writing, I can reach across the miles and give someone a hug, a smile, a softening of heart.

How many and which ones of my books have you read? Did you write a review? Reviews help other readers find good books. Help readers find their next book – post a review today.

3 thoughts on “Best Selling Authors International

  1. I so appreciate your writing talents and skills, for they do carry across many miles touching hearts and even changing lives! I read and left a review on My eMpTy Life!

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