With whom do you resonate?

This was supposed to post on December 20, 2021 but did not.


REBEKAH: Willing to work hard, willing to leave comfort (home) to follow God’s Will. (Genesis 24)

RACHEL: Willing to wait for a husband; her sons follow God. (Genesis 30-35)

JOCHEBED: Stand up against tyranny, infanticide, protect child(ren). (Exodus 2)

MIRIAM: Support, prophesy, encouraging, step out in faith to protect, healed. (Genesis and Exodus)

RAHAB: Immoral background, but stand for God and protect family. (Joshua 2 & 6)

DEBORAH: Righteous and wise judge, influential woman in politics and country. (Judges 4 & 5)

RUTH: Loyal in relationships, serve (your mother-in-law?), virtuous, and submitted to wisdom. (Ruth)

HANNAH: Pray fervently, persevere in prayer and honor God when He answers. (I Samuel 1)

ABIGAIL: Sensible, beautiful, wise, does not waste time. (I Samuel 25)

ESTHER: Obedient, prepared, willing to sacrifice life, stand for God and His people. (Esther)

NITZEVET, David’s mother: served God (Psalm 86:16)

MARY: Total submission to God’s Will. (Luke 1:42)

ELIZABETH: Speaks what God’s Holy Spirit says. (Luke 1)

ANNA: Serves God throughout life. (Luke 2)

JOANNA and SUSANA: Wives of an influential men who uses their means to bless others. (Luke 8:2-3)

MARTHA: Type-A workaholic yet listed first as loved by Jesus. (John. 11:5)

MARY OF BETHANY: Sit at Jesus’s feet and learn of Him. (Luke 10:42)

3 MARYs at the foot of the cross: Will not leave nor forsake Christ. (John 19:25)

SAMARATIN WOMAN: Let go of shame of the past and boldly witness for Christ. (John 4:7-42)

MARY MAGDALENE: Devoted, delivered, unafraid to be counted with Christ. (John 20)

LYDIA: Receive Christians in hospitality, generously give to those in ministry. (Acts 16)

DORCAS: Always doing good and helping the poor; kindness and charity. (Acts 9:36)

RHODA: Joyful servant. (Acts 12:13,14)

PHOEBE: Serve in the church, a great help to many. (Romans 16:1-2)

JUNIA: Woman prisoner for Christ. (Romans 16:7)

LOIS & EUNICE: Generational following of Jesus. (I Timothy 1:15)

APPHIA: Referred to as sister. (Philemon 1:2)

Not so virtuous:

EVE: Sin of greed, covet what does not have, easily deceived. (Gen 3)

LOT’S WIFE and DAUGHTERS: Influenced by sexual immoral surroundings, looks back to sinful life. (Genesis 11-14, 19)

SARAH: Scoffs at God, plays God by offering a substitute to His Will. Yet covered by the covenant between God and her husband. (Genesis 12)

BATHSHEBA: Adulteress, looking for a “better” (more influential, richer, etc . . . ) man. (II Samuel 12)


POTIPHER’S WIFE: Liar, temptress, seductive, false accusations. (Genesis 39)

DELILAH: Uses beauty and body to harm man of God. (Judges 16)

JEZEBEL: Wicked, deceitful, evil, murderous, misuse of power, persecute the righteous. (I Kings 21)

ATHALIAH: Will kill her own children (and grandchildren) so she can rise in power and influence. (II Chronicles 22-23)

PENINNIAH: Hateful toward other women, catty. (I Samuel 1)

MAACAH: Privileged (royal) daughter but turns her back on God, turns to false religion. (I Kings 15 & II Chronicles 11 & 15)

VASHTI: Disrespect and humiliate husband in public. (Esther 1)

GOMER: Godly husband but sexually promiscuous (whore) wife. (Hosea)

SALOME: Temps drunken men, manipulative, causes the death/damage/destruction of the godly. (Mark 6)

HERODIDAS: Privileged, entitled, sex sin. (Matthew 14)

SAPPHIRA: Try to deceive followers of Christ, liar. (Acts 5)

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