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Here Dr. Marianne Herr delves deeper into the topic of forgiveness.

To keep your heart safe and walk victoriously through life, forgive and be free.Jesus told us that if we did not forgive others, the Father in Heaven would not forgive us (Matthew 6:14-15). Jesus came to set us free. This freedom begins in our hearts.

A close relative decided to stop the life support for my terminally ill brother without informing the family, nor about the condolence cards or funeral. I had to guard my heart. I was not able to forgive immediately. I poured out my heart to God and told Him all my evil thoughts and feelings until I was ready to forgive as an act of obedience. I blessed the person day in and day out despite my ill feelings. Eventually, my feelings changed. I could see how that person was caught in anger and desperation. Feelings of compassion rose, and I could sincerely pray for the person.

King David was a man after God’s heart. David was honest with God; he accused his enemies and wished them the worst. Once he had aired his anger and disappointment, he worshiped God.

God is always the first person to go to when there are issues with people or situations. He desires an honest heart-to-heart relationship with you. God wants you to become God-conscious, not self-conscious. Take time to be in God’s presence. Praise Him.

Take the bad things that happen in your life to God, as David did. Forgiving a person has nothing to do with the person themselves. It is the way for you not to be pulled down, harbor toxic thoughts and emotions in your heart.

Unforgiveness hinders. Forgiveness frees.

Dr. Marianne Herr is a Transformation Coach, a Public Speaker, a Workshop Leader, an Anthropologist, and an RN with multiple work experiences in Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Marianne is Swiss and currently lives with her husband and sons in Germany. She can be contacted via Email: info@marianneherr.comor Webpage: www.marianneherr.comand on LinkedIn: Marianne Dr. Herr, Transformation Coach

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