Emergency Months


Time does not wait on anybody.

We are in the ER months, September through December. These are the months when folk’s mindsets shift, adrenaline quickens and planning for various events moves into high gears. Most people find that they move into a state of urgency/emergency the closer it gets to the holidays.

My new book, My Little Book of Inspirational Blogs, has a chapter written about the ER months, I wrote a blog before the virus spread and ended up writing almost the exact same thing concerning the ER months during the onset of the virus. Although time changes and different events happen, there is nothing new under the sun.

The Call To Action (CTA) comes from My Little Book of Inspirational Blogs. There is a Book Launch on Zoom, join me!


1. Pray for healing—Especially pray healing in the land, mind, body, and spirit.

2. Pray that you are able to discern when others need help—Be more sensitive to people you encounter in-person or on phone calls.

3. Pray that you become people’s miracle—When the Holy Spirit urges you to do a good deed, just do it.

4. Help someone—Help however you can, (big or small).

5. Keep giving and receiving—Give your tithes, offerings, things you are not using, your time…

6. Reach out to someone you haven’t reached out to in a long time—If necessary, make a list, then begin to call, text, email…

7. Be mindful of other people’s emotions and their behavior—This is the time of the year when emotions begin to run wild.

8. Pray—Prayer works, be consistent, and believe what you pray, it is so.

Read the Word Daily | Pray Daily | Pray for Others Daily Just Have Faith and Keep It Moving!

Hello, Greatness! I am Apostle Fanny Minnitt “Just Have Faith!” an inspirational lady and sister to all! I help believers and non-believers to better understand how to practice and identify faith in their everyday living. Visit my website minnittjusthavefaith.com or email me at minnittjusthavefaith@gmail.com

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