Miracle Deliverance

(Over the next several months, I will showcase guest blogs. The following is a testimony of a former client of mine. I share Tracey’s story first as a witness to how God can miraculously deliver a someone.)

But for the Grace of God go I

My family of origin was rife with abuse, alcoholism, mental illness, and abandonment. I developed emotional problems and alcoholism. I tried every worldly means for freedom, yet was captive. I resigned myself to the fact I would die on a barstool.

But God…

In 2000, I read the intriguing testimony of a famous inmate. How could God forgive a multi-murderer? I wrote to him. He wrote back about JESUS! I thought, “Yeah, whatever dude, …con job from prison…” He repeatedly told me Jesus loved me. I asked him to pray for me: 1) ask this Jesus you believe in to deliver me from alcoholism and 2) ask God to allow me to tangibly feel Him.

Soon afterward, an invisible figure sat down next to me on my bed. It was Jesus! He put His arms around me. He let me know He saw all my past, and that HE LOVED ME! He was with me for about 10 minutes. I wept in awe!

A few weeks later (after some Bible reading, a few inmate letters, and many mind-boggling encounters with God) I went to a bar in the middle of the day. I ordered a drink as the jukebox blared. I looked at all the liquor bottles lined up behind the bar. I thought, I’ll never be free from this; it’s all hopeless. At that moment, the Spirit of the Living God entered that run-down bar. He supernaturally shifted me out of the dimension of addiction. I left the saloon a free woman!

My favorite scripture is Isaiah 61:1 “He was sent to bind up the brokenhearted, give freedom to the captives and release prisoners from darkness” I was a brokenhearted captive prisoner! Now I am delivered, free, and released.

As with my penpal, Jesus Christ is my everything.

Tracey H. is a singer/songwriter; former vocalist/guitarist for the Detroit area band Anti-fashion. Her new single, Difficult Beauty, will be released soon. Tracey is very involved in street ministry – loving people on the streets in Michigan. She has a heart for those lost in addiction. If you or someone you love is chained by addiction, contact Tracey for prayer and understanding. Beatgirl321@gmail.com

One thought on “Miracle Deliverance

  1. I love our GOD and never get tired of hearing testimonies like this !! Praises to HIS Name!! I am so happy for Tracey’s freedom!!


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